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Human Remains Discovered on Farm in B.C. Region Where Five Women Have Gone Missing

RCMP vehicles are parked at a Salmon Arm property where human remains were discovered.

Curtis Wayne Sagmoen lived at farm where remains found 

Human remains were found on a rural property near Salmon Arm B.C., in an area where several women have gone missing.

According to the Vancouver Sun, the search of a farm by the RCMP Southeast District Major Crimes Unit has been unfolding for several days. Police first arrived at 2290 Salmon River Road on Thursday.

Police were also searching a separate strip of land along Springbend Road, between Salmon Arm and Enderby, in conjunction with the search at the Salmon River Road property.

Curtis Wayne Sagmoen, 36-years-old, the son of the farm’s owners was already under police investigation after a woman was threatened with a firearm following a pre-arranged meeting with the man in August. She was able to escape and call police.

An image of Curtis Sagmoen. -Salmon Arm Observer

Sagmoen, was arrested and released without charges.

On Oct. 13, RCMP issued a warning to the public, specifically to sex workers, in the area.

Sagmoen was re-arrested Friday and was charged with seven offences — including uttering threats and several firearms charges — in connection with the investigation.

According to media reports, Sagmoen, sometimes lived at the Salmon River Rd farm where the remains were found and was previously listed as a co-owner of the property.

On Monday, three kilometres north of the Salmon River Rd farm, officers photographed multiple items roadside before placing them in evidence bags, blocking the items from the view of passing residents.

Several residents joined waiting media roadside during day five of the activity.

By late Monday afternoon, about 20 people from various First Nations gathered for a drum prayer in front of the property.

The news that police found human remains at the site over the weekend follows months of uncertainty and anguish for families of women who have gone missing in the North Okanagan region between Sicamous and Vernon.

CTV News reports, over the past 18 months, at least five women have gone missing in the area. The missing women have been identified as Caitlin Potts, 27, Ashley Simpson, 27, Deanna Wertz, 46, Traci Genereaux, 18, and Nicole Bell, 31.

Police have not described the human remains found at the farm or said whether they are from one or more people. Nor have investigators made any links between the remains and the missing women.

No specific charges have been laid against Sagmoen in connection with the discovery at the farm.

Sagmoen is scheduled to appear in Vernon Provincial Court on Oct. 26.


Nepinak Family Still Searching For Answers


Susan Caribou looks at a photo of her neice Tanya Nepinak in Winnipeg Friday September 23, 2011. Nepinak’s body is believed to be in the Brady Landfill. (BRIAN DONOGH/WINNIPEG SUN FILES)

By Jim Bender | Winnipeg Sun

Sue Caribou still grieves for her niece, Tanya Nepinak.

“She used to call me ‘Auntie Mom,’ and we’d sing together,” Caribou recalled Saturday. “We used to sing Will the Circle Be Unbroken? And I’m going to sing it at the vigil (Sunday).”

Caribou is holding a vigil at Thunderbird House on Sunday at 4 p.m. for both Nepinak and Skye Bighetty, another niece, who was murdered when she was eight years old,

“I’m honouring both my nieces,” Caribou said. “There was a vigil for Skye on the reserve (Pukatagawan) but a lot of her family lives in Winnipeg and couldn’t make it to the reserve. She was the baby of my baby brother, Ovid, and he died of a heartache five months after she was killed. I haven’t even grieved for my brother yet.”

Skye was killed by her older brother two years ago. Her brother was deemed to be mentally ill and not criminally responsible.

But Caribou remains frustrated with the lack of information about Nepinak, who has been missing for four years. She was once believed to be a victim of serial killer Shawn Lamb, but he has denied it, Caribou said.

“My family was devastated when Sean Lamb got paid by the police,” she said. “They should be paying for these vigils.”

Police paid Lamb for information before he was sentenced to 20 years for murdering other women.

“The police don’t tell the family anything. They don’t contact the family to say where they’re searching. It’s very hard for our family without having any closure … I sometimes hope and pray she’s still alive.”

Nepinak’s body has never been found.

Police actually started searching for Nepinak’s remains at the Brady Landfill, but called it off on the second day.

“That would have been Tanya’s birthday,” Caribou said.

Caribou also wondered why families with missing women are left in the dark whenever they find a body.

“Police should phone those families to say the bodies aren’t theirs,” she said. “Families have a lot of anxiety whenever this happens. I know what the families go through. It’s very hard.”