Unmasked: The Face Of Anonymous Activist Shot Dead By RCMP

Unmasked: The face of Anonymous activist shot dead by RCMP

Unmasked: The face of Anonymous activist, James McIntyre, shot dead by RCMP

James McIntyre concerned for the land

CBC July 14, 2016

One year after a masked man linked to Anonymous was shot dead by RCMP in northeastern B.C., a relative wants to reveal the true face of James McIntyre.

McIntyre, 48, was killed on a sidewalk by officers responding to a call about a disturbance at an open house for BC Hydro’s controversial Site C dam project in Dawson Creek on July 16, 2015.

“Jim didn’t deserve to die in a brutal manner,” said McIntyre’s cousin, Keith LaRiviere, Sr. “The man lying on the ground was not a criminal. He was a victim of police violence.”

‘Gentle’ introvert loved model trains

LaRiviere described the cousin he grew up with as a gentle, innocent, intelligent man who stuttered, rarely conversed with people and loved model trains.

“He didn’t go out and play. He didn’t join the baseball team with us. He didn’t drink. He didn’t have a girlfriend. He didn’t drive a car. He wouldn’t cross the road except at a crosswalk,” said LaRiviere. “He was soft.”

Métis concerned for the land

LaRiviere said McIntyre’s “isolation and huge brain” drew him to computers and helped him connect online with model train enthusiasts across the United States.

He was concerned about the Peace country being destroyed by another dirty project.– James McIntyre’s cousin

He said he and his Métis cousin shared a concern for “the soil and our ancestral values.”

But he said he had no idea McIntyre was an activist with the online activist group, Anonymous.

After Anonymous claimed McIntyre as a comrade and threatened to avenge his death, the Dawson Creek man made international headlines. Until then, McIntyre had made the local newspaper just once for winning an employee award as a dishwasher.

LaRiviere said McIntyre thrived at his work in the dish pits in a local restaurant and casino, since it was a work station he could run alone.

Despite his introverted nature, McIntyre was extremely close with family, always sitting quietly at family gatherings, and only moving in to his own apartment a few years ago, said LaRiviere.

McIntyre’s family has asked for privacy and until now, McIntyre’s life — and death — were a mystery.

‘This is an environmental issue’

Now, LaRiviere is breaking that silence.

Keith LaRiviere at Paddle for the Peace protest

James McIntyre’s cousin, Keith LaRiviere, took part in a Paddle for the Peace protest near the Site C dam last weekend. McIntyre was shot dead outside a Site C open house in Dawson Creek one year ago. (Facebook )

“It’s not just a family issue, this is an environmental issue,” said LaRiviere.

LaRiviere said his cousin was concerned about the impact of the controversial Site C dam on local First Nations and landowners.

“He was worried about the Peace country being destroyed by another dirty project,” said LaRiviere. “If that’s Jim’s message, don’t stifle his voice.”

Masked man had a knife 

Initial reports to BC’s police watchdog alleged McIntyre was shot after a man with a knife “approached officers in an aggressive manner” outside a Site C open house in Dawson Creek on July 16, 2015.

Witness Mike Irmen said the man who was shot was wearing a mask, similar to the Guy Fawkes mask often used by Anonymous and refused to throw away his knife, even as he lay bleeding.

LaRiviere  believes his cousin was at the Site C meeting to make a statement, not to hurt anyone.

“Making a statement with that mask makes all the sense in the world to me for Jim, because he was alone in his life,” said LaRiviere.

RCMP declined to comment, as the fatal incident is still being investigated by B.C.’s police watchdog.

Watchdog’s review wraps up

“The bulk of the investigative work is complete,” said Marten Youssef, the Independent Investigation Office’s manager of strategic communications. Youssef said an internal review of the investigation still needs to be completed. Until then, there’s no official information about what happened or whether RCMP officers acted appropriately.

Youssef says he’s aware of reports of Anonymous’ interest in the case. But he says that’s had no bearing on the IIO investigation.

McIntyre’s cousin isn’t sure the truth about what happened — and why —  will ever come out.

“The truth is with Jim,” said LaRiviere. “The truth is with a dead man.”



Anonymous Urges Followers To Protest At RCMP Headquarters Across The Country

Police attend to the victim in the Dawson Creek shooting. (Mike Irmen)

Police attend to the victim in the Dawson Creek shooting. (Mike Irmen)

By Red Power Media, Staff

Activist group Anonymous vows to avenge Dawson Creek shooting

An RCMP involved shooting in Dawson Creek has sparked a backlash on Twitter from the online international activist group Anonymous.

Anonymous is vowing to avenge what it calls one of its comrades and is asking its 1.5 million followers to protest at RCMP headquarters in every province.

The shooting took place outside the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant at the Stonebridge Hotel on Highway 2 near the outskirts of the city. RCMP were called to a restaurant to reports of a man disrupting and damaging property at a BC Hydro open house on the Site C dam project.

The Independent Investigations Office of BC quickly took over the case.

A new video shot by witness Mike Irmen shows a close up view of the seconds after the victim is brought to the ground by police.

Irmen says the man was shot and killed by officers when he refused to throw away his knife. He continued to clutch the weapon while lying on the ground.

Finally, one officer handcuffed the bleeding man and another grabbed a first aid kit from a patrol car, said, Irmen. The man was taken to hospital, but died of his injuries.

Anonymous claims in an on-line release that the man shot and killed was its fourth member to be slain by security forces around the world in as many years.

Anonymous is also threatening to identify the RCMP officer involved and reveal personal information.

RCMP say they’re aware of Anonymous’ tweets and are reviewing them.

The IIO has also taken notice of the social media posts.

“We are all aware of this and we take all precautions,” said IIO, Kellie Kilpatrick of the post.

The B.C. Coroners Service says it likely won’t release the victim’s identity until Monday at the earliest.

Police won’t say if the victim has a connection to Anonymous.

B.C. watchdog investigating two police killings

Meanwhile, British Columbia’s police watchdog is investigating its second police shooting in three days after officers killed a distressed man in Surrey early Saturday, sparking alarm from civil liberties advocates.

The IIO said police responded to reports of a suicidal man outside Surrey RCMP headquarters before a struggle ensued and he was fatally shot.

A police officer suffered a non-life-threatening gunshot wound and was taken to a hospital.

The incident follows Thursday evenings fatal RCMP shooting in Dawson Creek.

Cops Kill Man in Guy Fawkes Mask, Anonymous Vows to “Avenge” the Police Killing

RCMP Shot Man in Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) Mask

One day after the hacker group Anonymous vowed to “avenge one of our own,” the RCMP’s website has crashed.

A Twitter account associated with the global activist group has posted photos showing the Dawson Creek RCMP website server status listed as ‘down.’



UPDATE: Man Shot By RCMP Not Person Who Made Site C Disturbance (VIDEO)


By Red Power Media, Staff

Man fatally shot by Dawson Creek RCMP not the person who made disturbance at Site C event

The man who made a disturbance at a Site C open house in Dawson Creek last night was not the person fatally shot by RCMP outside the building later that evening, say the Independent Investigations Office.

Video: Site C protester and shooting victim were not the same man

“The individual who was causing the disturbance left the event and did not come into contact with police,” said IIO spokesperson Kellie Kilpatrick at a press conference in Dawson Creek this evening.

“We know now that when police arrived in response to that complaint, they came into contact with a second adult male unrelated to the public information session.”

“The male came into contact with officers in an aggressive manner, and despite officers demands and commands, he was shot.”

The shooting happened outside the Fixx Urban Grill at the Stonebridge Hotel, while a public information session on the soon-to-be constructed Site C dam was being held by BC Hydro.

Previously in the meeting, a protestor came in and interrupted proceedings.

According to an attendee, a man flipped tables and tore display boards illustrating the dam from their stands before being escorted out of the room.

Curtis Pratt was inside and said he did not hear shots, but later saw the body. He said the victim was wearing a mask, and he wasn’t sure whether it was the man from inside.

Originally, the IIO believed that the masked individual RCMP shot and killed outside the building was “connected to the complaint.”

However, they say new information proved that not to be the case, and the man who caused the disturbance is fine.

“There are a lot of moving parts to this investigation,” said Kilpatrick, who said she was only told the original connection between the two incidents was incorrect when she arrived in Dawson Creek this afternoon.

There is no word on the identity of the victim at this time.

Kilpatrick did not have additional information about the protestor, but said “he never did come into contact with police.”

Her office is continuing to investigate the shooting. The officers involved have been sequestered, and it is not clear whether they will be charged, suspended or placed on administrative leave. The IIO also said investigators were not sure if the officers had tasers or other lesser means of force, which will be a key part of the investigation.

“That’s something our investigators have been following up on today. I don’t have the answer to that,” Kilpatrick said.

“What an officer carries on his toolbelt varies depending on officer location, detachment and the type of work they are doing.”

What is clear is that “police came in response to the disturbance and found themselves in contact with this other individual,” Kilpatrick said.

The IIO is asking anyone with information about what happened in the area to come forward, saying cell phone videos are of particular interest.

“In this day of social media, we aware that there is a lot of information circulating out there,” Kilpatrick said. “We’re very interested in speaking with anyone who has information about what they saw or what they heard here last evening,” she added.

WATCH:  Witness captures Dawson Creek RCMP shooting on cellphone. Warning: Contains disturbing content and graphic language.