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No Charges Against Former Canadian Tire Employee After Assault Allegation by Indigenous Elder

Kamao Cappo at Regina Canadian Tire store

Regina police say no criminal charges will be laid after an Indigenous elder was physically removed from a Canadian Tire store earlier this summer.

Kamao Cappo, 53, of the Muscowpetung First Nation posted a video — that has been viewed more than 1 million times — to social media in July that showed an employee trying to physically removed him from a Regina Canadian Tire store.

Cappo was shopping for a chainsaw when the employee wrongly accused him of stealing, then forced him out of the store.

Cappo reported to police that he’d been assaulted and that he was targeted because he is Indigenous.

The employee lost his job over the incident.


No charges will be laid

CJME News reports, on Thursday, police announced they’d concluded their investigation and weren’t laying any charges.

Police said the investigation became more complicated due to the claims the employee accused Cappo because he is Indigenous.

“This is a highly sensitive case, we saw that, there was a lot of political communication around there, there was a lot of social media activity about this,” said police Chief Evan Bray.

It was those reasons that police chose to have crown prosecutors look at the case.

No video from store

Police conducted witness interviews, but there was no surveillance video.

Bray said when they handed over their evidence, there was no video from inside the store.

“We did take video from Mr. Cappo, he had video on his personal device that he took, any piece of that we could gather we would but we can’t make up something that’s not there,” Bray said. “When we went to gather it, there was nothing there.”

Cappo was informed of the outcome Thursday.

He says he’s stunned and saddened by the decision.

“It’s a really sad message for our people and our children,” Cappo said.

“Indigenous people experience this on a regular basis and they do not report it … they just accept it. I wanted to show them they could succeed, so this is devastating.”

Cappo says he has yet to receive an official apology from Canadian Tire officials.

By: Black Powder

Canadian Tire Employee Involved In Altercation With Indigenous Elder Loses His Job

Kamo Cappo at a Canadian Tire store in east Regina

By Black Powder | RPM Staff, July 30, 2017

Canadian Tire says employee involved in altercation with Indigenous man at a Regina store is no longer with the company.

Kamao Cappo of the Muscowpetung First Nation posted a video to social media last week that showed an employee trying to physically removed him from the store.

Cappo, an Indigenous elder, said he was shopping for a chainsaw when the employee accused him of stealing.

Cappo disagreed and refused to leave the store.

53-year-old Cappo who has a heart condition was injured in the confrontation.

Cappo told CTV Regina that he believes the fact that he is Indigenous was a factor in the employee’s response.

“The employee involved in the matter has not been working in the store since the incident and he is no longer with Canadian Tire,” the corporation announced Saturday on its official Twitter account.

“We have tried to reach Mr. Cappo again to express our sincere apologies,” said another tweet from Canadian Tire“We take this matter very seriously.”

Protesters gather outside a Regina Canadian Tire store on Friday, July 28, 2017.

About 50 people staged a demonstration outside of the store Friday to show support for Cappo.

Regina police have said they are investigating the incident as an assault.