Barbara Kentner, First Nations Woman Hit by Trailer Hitch in Thunder Bay, Ont., Dies

Barbara Kentner, left, was struck by a trailer hitch thrown from a moving car in Thunder Bay, Ont., on Jan. 29. Her sister, Melissa Kentner, right, posted on Facebook that Barbara died on July 4. (Jody Porter/CBC)

Barbara Kentner, 34, was struck in January, police consider changing charge against man, 18

CBC News Posted: Jul 04, 2017

A First Nations woman who was hit by a trailer hitch, thrown from a passing car in Thunder Bay, Ont., last January, has died.

Barbara Kentner, 34, required surgery after being hit in the abdomen by the trailer hitch on Jan. 29. She was released from hospital in time to take part in a walk in her honour on Feb. 5, but later returned to medical care.

Her sister, Melissa Kentner told CBC News in March that Barbara would not recover from her injuries. Melissa posted on Facebook early Tuesday  that Barbara had died. She and other family members confirmed the death with CBC News.

The passenger in the car yelled, “Oh, I got one,” after throwing the hitch at the sisters who were walking on McKenzie Street between Dease and Cameron streets, Melissa Kentner told CBC News in February.

The internal damage when Kentner was hit in the kidneys by the hitch was irreparable and proved fatal, her sister said.

An 18-year-old man was charged with aggravated assault relating to the incident. Thunder Bay police told CBC News they are looking into whether the charges will be changed, in light of Kentner’s death.



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  1. Wanda pasap

    So sad to hear this..are we not safe..I look so native..we lit a candle tonight in our home for the young lady and her family…creator bless them..and have pity on the ones who do the harm..they to are uneducated…bless are people as well as all people’s even the Lions n tigers elephants who do no wrong are fighting for survival as we are..and we shall carry no resentment only love..n patience..forgiveness..are natural gifts…thank you Creator ..


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