Judge Grants Release to Halfway House for Red Fawn Fallis

Bismarck Tribune, June 22, 2017

A federal judge has given Red Fawn Fallis permission to move from a jail in Rugby to a halfway house.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland ordered on Tuesday that Fallis be released as soon as space is available at Centre Inc. in Fargo. Hovland had previously denied a similar request for Fallis, who is accused of shooting at police officers during a Dakota Access Pipeline protest on Oct. 27.

In his order, Hovland cited Fallis’ successful completion of a furlough to attend a memorial service in Colorado for her mother and the need for easier communication with her attorney, Bruce Ellison, of Rapid City, S.D.

U.S. Attorney David Hagler had opposed the request, saying she remained a danger to the community and a flight risk.

Fallis’ trial, which was scheduled for July 17, has been postponed to Dec. 5. Ellison asked for the continuance due to the amount of evidence and legal issues in the case. The government did not oppose this request.

Ellison has also requested to move the jury trial out of Bismarck to another jurisdiction. Ellison cited “the massive, pervasive and prejudicial pre-trial publicity that has attended the pipeline protests and, specifically, her arrest and prosecution.”

The government and judge have not yet responded to his request.



3 thoughts on “Judge Grants Release to Halfway House for Red Fawn Fallis

  1. Free all that is in Jail for they were standing for the Land that is already in disarray they live in the badland no thanks to the Government. the ones that need to be in Jail are walking around free where’s the Justice in that


  2. Just thinking out loud. I think that the one that need to be in jail are the one that spayed the people with cold water and hit the people with their clubs.not the people that are protecting their own LAND. Steel stand strong for what I know what is right.


  3. Red Owl Legal posted to their FaceBook page that the trial begins Dec 4th.

    What I am curious about is why the Judge did not dismiss the case when he learned that the video evidence shows that Red Fawn did not fire the shots. The video was used as evidence in the hearing, but the still frames were not available during the hearing. I am not a lawyer, but it seems to me that the still frames would be considered to be ‘new’ evidence that should be presented in a hearing.

    Brutal Arrest of Red Fawn The Planted Gun

    On Oct. 27th, 2016 the police raided the 1851 Treaty Camp near Standing Rock, ND. Officers targeted Red Fawn Fallis, tackled her, and threw her to the ground. While she was pinned to the ground, shots were fired.

    Because Red Fawn was not wearing gloves, this video shows the possibility of a planted gun.


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