Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson Says Manitoba’s Government Is The Most Racist In Canada

Sheila North Wilson, grand chief of Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak, speaks to media at a press conference in Winnipeg on March 18, 2016.

A Manitoba grand chief says her provincial government is the most racist in Canada

Staff – CP | Posted: April 12/2017

Sheila North Wilson, who represents northern Manitoba First Nations, told a First Nations health conference in Saskatoon that some indigenous leaders in Saskatchewan might dispute that.

North Wilson says Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister refused to sign a climate change deal back in December citing a need for more money to deal with escalating health costs.

She says she was offended that Pallister said Manitoba indigenous people have the most chronic diseases and mental health issues.

North Wilson says Pallister wants more money for health issues, but won’t work with First Nations groups.

She says they’re pushing the Manitoba government to sit down with elders and youth to discuss their health-care needs.

“Well, thank you for calling us crazy and sick. I took offence to that.”

“He claimed in the national media that we have the most chronic diseases and mental health issues,” North Wilson said Tuesday.

“Well, thank you for calling us crazy and sick. I took offence to that.”

In January, Pallister came under fire from indigenous leaders and opposition politicians for saying that tensions around night hunting were leading to a race war.

He said he chose his words poorly but didn’t apologize for saying it. A Supreme Court ruling a decade ago upheld the indigenous right to hunt at night, subject to safety regulations.

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3 thoughts on “Grand Chief Sheila North Wilson Says Manitoba’s Government Is The Most Racist In Canada

  1. As an educator for 15 plus years I have tried to get students to focus on things that were positive. Yes we have poor conditions when it comes to life on the res, but no one is going to come in and change that life for us and no amount of money or fancy car or brand new school is going to fix the problem. Money is not the key to survival and happiness. No one should be without a home if a community works together to build one for each other. No one should be without food if you plant community gardens and hunt as you were suppose to. Every house should be in good standing, clean without holes or garbage around the yard. To get rid of alcohol and drugs get rid of our televisions and keep busy with the amount of building, sports, community events, fishing, hunting, dances, visiting, crafts of all kinds, tanning, language building, camping, communicating with one another instead of cell phones. There is soo much to do. It is our choice to live as we do. No one else’s. If we want to be happy and not depressed then we have to start loving one another and being a part of each other’s lives. No more selfish ways, greedy, robbing from one another, no more alcohol and drugs, not more technology. Back to the basics.. Leader, you want to help us, turn things around. Stop following the whiteman. He is lost a thief and a liar. Why do you want to live like him. Our lives are simple, we once knew how to live, we were never poor, we were the richest people on this planet. Remember and lead. Happiness is a choice.


  2. All my life I have heard about racism and how our people are being treated by people in our Country. I see the negotiations, I hear the complaints and broken promises day after day, year after year. I watch the young generation and see the confusion and emptiness in their eyes. All across this country, we once lived free until it was stolen from us. Today we live in third world conditions and constantly wait on our leaders to do something. Negotiation after negotiation. Why do they keep wasting time on people who don’t care a damn about us. We don’t have to ask permission for anything in this country of ours. What happen to the backbone of our people. Was it traded for money? was it put aside in exchange for broken promises. I am tired and frustrated every time I see the news. If the non native peoples of this country can’t stand us, if they hate us, if they want to kill us, if they cringe at the sight of us then we can either, stop kissing ass and stand up for ourselves, we can stop fooling ourselves believing that the Government really loves us and wants to help us, we can take back this Country of ours, and start living again, never again to be poor or looked down upon. The other thing we can do is help ourselves with what little we have and believe that Manitou is going to deal with this monster of lies and deal with stolen land issue. This of course would require a lot of changes in our lives. Forgiveness, humble, self respect, patience, Love, trust, courage, and prayer just to mention a few. The world that we live in will have to stop. No more selfishness and greed, lust of the eyes, mind for material things or lust of the flesh. This life was never meant for us. Our life is to watch this land, lead by example first to ourselves then others. Accept change and embrace the future, yet never leaving the past. We are responsible for our own happiness in our skin, in our home, in our communities, in our province, in this country and the world. We decide our lives and pursue the path given. Money is not the answer, nor is materials. That is not who we are. The sooner we accept and see that the happier we will be. Food for thought


  3. Thank all for sharing. Something is rotten in Canada and it’s the invaders. Yes this is the conquerors mentality. It is insanity to invade, kill and stay that barbaric course. We see and suffer with this war on Aboriginals / Indigenous. The Aboriginal way and Heart; language and knowledge of Indigenous is the only real way to co exist with Mother Earth. I am at a loss for english words to share this Holocaust that continues because of the determined systematic war on First Peoples around the Earth. The money men are no good. Never have been, never will be as far as I know. Of course not. Wrong ways. Right ways if you want to destroy what is Sacred. My soul cries. Truth. The Spirit Sings. Spirits know. Thank all for allowing me to share my self in this format. I pray good comes of this.


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