Tribe: False Report on Easement Issued in DAPL

DAPL Drill Pad Update DEC 9 2017-01-02

DAPL Drill Pad Update DEC 9 2017-01-02

Misinformation spread Tuesday about an easement being granted for the final section of the Dakota Access Pipeline. No easement has been approved.

 | Seattle Times Jan 31 2017

A misinformation wildfire lit up social media Tuesday night about the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

The confusion arose after two congressmen issued news releases late in the day declaring they had been notified the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been directed to issue an easement by the acting secretary of the army to complete the pipeline. However, no easement has yet been issued.

The easement is needed by Energy Transfer Partners to complete the last section of the pipeline by drilling under the Missouri River.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe issued a statement Tuesday evening intended to calm opponents of the controversial pipeline, reiterating its vow to challenge any easement, if it is issued, in court, and insist on completion of a long-term environmental review of the pipeline project now under way.

Jan Hasselman, attorney for the Standing Rock Sioux, also confirmed no easement has been granted.

“People are jumping the gun,” Hasselman said. He said, however, he expected the easement would be issued soon, probably next week.

Originally published January 31, 2017 at 7:19 pm

Source: Seattle Times

One thought on “Tribe: False Report on Easement Issued in DAPL

  1. *Indigenous Environmental Network Responds to Acting Secretary of Army Corps’ Recommendation to Issue DAPL Easement* *FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: *January 31, 2017


    Jade Begay,, 505-699-4791

    Nina Smith,, 301-717-9006

    **“We are falling into a dangerous place where the United States government makes up its own rules.”**

    CannonBall, ND – Today Robert Speer, acting Secretary of the Army Corp of Engineers, directed the Corps to proceed with the easement to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline. While this is not an official grant of the easement, it does indicate that the Corps will disregard the Environmental Impact Statement that was ordered by the Obama Administration and completion of the controversial pipeline could begin as soon this week.

    *The following is a statement from the Indigenous Environmental Network: *

    “We are disgusted but not surprised by the Secretary of the Army’s decision to recommend the easement on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Instead of following proper legal procedure and completing the Environmental Impact Study, the Army has chosen to escalate an already tense situation, go against their own processes, and potentially put peoples in harm’s way.

    We are falling into a dangerous place where the United States government makes up its own rules. We know the Trump Administration stands to gain from this project, the President of United States is an investor himself, and their actions reveal a blatant disregard for the rule of law and a clear interest in lining their own pockets. This decision follows Trump’s unfortunate attacks on immigrants, women, and the press. Now he is working even harder to attack sovereign tribal nations and historic treaties.

    Trump and his climate denying cabinet are clearly doing what is best for their businesses and are willing to put profit before human rights and the environment. But make no mistake: we are prepared to mobilize and resist this brazen power grab.”


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