NEB Approves Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion


By Red Power Media, Staff, May 19, 2016

NEB approves Kinder Morgan pipeline with 157 conditions

The National Energy Board is recommending the federal government approve the company’s more than $5-billion twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The announcement came down today (Thursday), after more than two years of hearings and a record number of intervenors participating.

The National Energy Board (NEB or the Board) issued a 533-page report recommending Governor in Council approve the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, subject to 157 conditions.

The 157 conditions include regulatory and/or overarching requirements as well as requirements pertaining to project engineering and safety; emergency preparedness and response; environmental protection; people, communities and lands; economics and financial responsibility; and, project-related marine shipping.

The NEB review included an environmental assessment, as per federal regulations.

The Trans Mountain Expansion Project proposes to expand the existing Trans Mountain pipeline system between Edmonton, AB and Burnaby, B.C., increasing the capacity of the existing Trans Mountain Pipeline System from 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 890,000 bpd.

The pipeline route from the Burnaby Mountain tank farm to the Westridge Marine Terminal is still not clear, as noted in the report. If Kinder Morgan can’t go through Burnaby Mountain, the line will likely run through the city’s Westridge neighbourhood.

The City of Burnaby has been fighting against the Trans Mountain pipeline for years and First Nations vow to kill the expansion with lawsuits.

Here are the main reasons the board said yes to the pipeline:

1.     Increased access for Canadian oil

2.     Hundreds of long term jobs, and thousands in construction

3.     Development for Indigenous communities

4.     Benefits from spending on pipeline materials

5.     Considerable government revenue

The board’s approval means the pipeline’s fate now rests with the Liberal cabinet, and the final decision will likely be announced in December.

Kinder Morgan has said construction will begin in 2017 and should be finished by 2019. The NEB says Kinder Morgan has until 2021 to start building the pipeline.


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