Meth March Makes an Impact in Eagle Butte

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The community in Eagle Butte made themselves heard last Friday at a rally to end an methamphetamine epidemic.  Read More:

The Plight of the Dakotas

Despite a startling lack of local media interest, and a day that was cloudy and cold, the community in Eagle Butte made themselves heard last Friday in a rally to end the methamphetamine epidemic.  Over one hundred marchers from the area made their way through the town, while still more rode in a large car caravan bringing up the rear. Many rally-goers held signs emblazoned with their thoughts and feelings- and a few of the cars even had signs taped to their windows.

lakotawayA Rally-goer holds a sign during the march. Photo by Charlee Witt.

It was an awesome turn out. And it was awesome that the leaders of CRST walked right along in the front line showing their support.” said Dee Lebeau, East Lee’s aunt.

1898114_10154044118561719_4820400131135885026_nChairman Harold Frazier marches alongside other rally-goers.

It was a success, and I felt proud to be a part of the walk for…

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