No Trudeau Veto For Site C


Alaska Highway News‎, Feb 24, 2016

Little evidence of a change in course

According to Alaska Highway News,The Liberal government looks unlikely to block the Site C dam, after months of speculation over whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would reverse the Conservative government’s decision to approve the project.

In the House of Commons this week, Green Party and NDP MPs prodded the new government to further review Site C, citing concerns from local First Nations and landowners. But so far, it appears the previous government’s decision to issue federal permits for the project will stand.

Two Liberal ministers were asked about the $8.8 billion dam in question period, but avoided mentioning the project by name.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who put a question to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, said the project was “highly controversial and manifestly opposed,” saying federal construction permits were issued quietly during the last election.

But McKenna gave little evidence of a change in course.

“In the fall of 2014, the former government approved the project and set legally binding conditions with which the proponent must comply,” McKenna said. “The project is now at construction phase and BC Hydro must meet the requirements set out in the environmental assessment decision as well as other regulatory requirements.”


1 thought on “No Trudeau Veto For Site C

  1. arachne646

    So PM Trudeau’s remarks about “repairing the relationship with indigenous peoples” didn’t include honouring Treaty 8, and his elections promise to “repeal legislation unilaterally imposed on indigenous peoples” doesn’t include legislation imposed multilaterally, by more than one level of neoconservative government?


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