Portage Place Flash Mob Protests Elder’s Removal From Mall

Joseph Meconse and his supporters on Wednesday want Portage Place mall to apologize for kicking the elder out of the mall for loitering. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

Joseph Meconse and his supporters on Wednesday want Portage Place mall to apologize for kicking the elder out of the mall for loitering. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

CBC News, Feb 03, 2016

200 people gathered Wednesday in Portage Place Shopping Centre to support Dene elder

About 200 people gathered inside Portage Place Shopping Centre on Wednesday to protest a lack of respect, they say, mall security showed a Dene elder last week.

On Friday Joseph Meconse, 74, said he was kicked out of the Portage Place’s food court for loitering.

Meconse, a veteran with the Canadian Military, said he had just sat down with a plate of food when a security guard tapped him on the shoulder and asked him to leave.

The mall’s policy is to ask patrons to move on if they’ve been sitting for longer than 30 minutes, he said.


As many as 200 demonstrated in support of Joseph Meconse on Wednesday after the Dene elder was asked by security staff to leave the mall last week. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

“I was shocked. I had a plate of food right in front of me. I was trying to eat,” said Meconse.

It’s impossible to order food, sit down and eat in under 30 minutes, he said.

“I don’t cause any trouble. This time limit of half-an-hour, that’s bull,” Meconse said.

“It’s unspeakable, how can they do that to somebody? He’s done so much for our country,” said Blair Cook, one of Meconse’s supporters.

Members of Wednesday’s flash mob drummed, chanted in support of the elder. At one point, they then joined hands and surrounded the food court with a round dance ceremony.

“This here amazes me,” Meconse said.

“I can’t express how I feel. I feel like I did something. I accomplished something. That’s how I feel in my heart.”

Meconse added he would like an apology from the mall.

Portage Place Shopping Centre declined to comment for this story.



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  1. Just before 9pm on sunday Jan17,2016 eventhough it was -40+, a bald security gaurd at the MTS center kicked my friend Sam, my 11 yr old ADHD son and myself,right out of the MTS center. I thought he wud allow us to stay in the glass enclosed area but he swore and yelled “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BUILDING!” My son (who is bigger than me but is only 11yrs old) was terrified! My i-phone had died and my son told me i could charge my phone in the common area of the MTS center,i remembered yes, i did use an outlet during Manitowabee,i was charging my phone and laughing as my friend Sam was acting silly,a security guard barked out that i had to unplug my phone,i complied. Words were exchanged and this still angers and humiliates me as to everything that happened and i don’t feel like sharing anymore. I agree that who ever is hiring these security guards, the security need to be taught that all people have feelings and no-one deserves to be evicted from a public place in the dead cold of winter,we ended up taking a taxi because the security made it sound like he was going to have me arrested if i stayed around waiting for the bus,i still have my transfers from that humiliating@terrifying very cold night, all my relations, don’t act like or think that you are better than anyone else,we are all people,love life and always be respectful!chi-megwetch


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