Bundy Militia Rummage Through Native American Artifacts (VIDEO)

By Red Power Media, Staff

Bundy’s militiamen are rummaging through Native American artifacts

The Burns Paiute tribe has worried for 3 weeks about the safety of more than 4,000 tribal artifacts housed the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon.

Now a video uploaded to Facebook on Wednesday, shows Ammon Bundy’s militiamen standing in what appears to be a storage area of a building at the refuge. According to Carbonated.tv, the men, led by Arizona rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum, accuse the Bureau of Land Management of mishandling Native American artifacts – while, ironically, rummaging through shelves unauthorized and unsupervised.

Gawker reports, earlier this week, Burns Paiute tribal chairperson Charlotte Roderique expressed concern over how the militia was handling the tribe’s history. “We are really worried about the status of the artifacts down there,” Roderique told the Indian Country Today Media Network.

“I understand they took a bulldozer and built a line around the refuge headquarters,” Roderique told ICTMN “You can’t go and bulldoze things. I don’t know what these people are doing if they are doing things to just get a rise or to be martyr—all they are doing is making enemies out of the people they professed to support.”

Last week, the tribe delivered a letter to the U.S. Attorney and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service demanding prosecution “if the occupiers disturb, damage, remove, alter, or deface any archaeological resource on the refuge property.”

The tribe is demanding federal action under both the Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 and a “protection against bad men” provision in the treaty the tribe signed with the United States in 1868.

Under ARPA, a federal law authorizing law enforcement and penalties in the defense of archeological sites on public land, removing artifacts is a felony offense and offenders can be fined or imprisoned for up to 5 years.

Oregon’s governor has expressed frustration with federal authorities’ handling of the continuing occupation and said it’s time to end it.

Federal, state and local law enforcement officers have been sent to the remote area but so far have avoided doing anything that might provoke a confrontation.

Finicum told Oregon Public Broadcasting on Wednesday they have no plans to leave. “We are very strong, very firm, this facility will not go back to the federal government, ever.”

5 thoughts on “Bundy Militia Rummage Through Native American Artifacts (VIDEO)

  1. Delores Omeara

    The Ranchers and the Government need to both get off Native sacred land and stop trying to steal land that don’t belong to them. BLM had no right to take this land and the Government shouldn’t have helped them. If it was your families sacred land, what would you do? Our Government has done enough.


  2. sean aaron cruz

    There is no way that these people walk. They became terrorists when they made up their minds to shoot other Americans under their own “authority”, long before they arrived at Malheur.


  3. Dennis Diggs

    The U.S government is just nether player in is game land grab the U.S government stolid the land from the native people and made it into public lands for the settlers to to make a permanent claim to it . Just like the other tribal removal act that the government has force on native people .There is valuables and metals that are on in the area .That is the reason the government wants to remove the Ranchers . And it is foreign mining companies that is pushing for the removal of ranchers . The Malheur wildlife is a innocent hostage with two criminals fighting over native lands .


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