BC Hydro Seeks Injunction Against Site C Dam Protesters


By Shelby Thom | CKNW

BC Hydro is seeking an injunction against demonstrators at the Site C dam.

The defendants include Ken Boon, the President of the Peace Valley Landowner Association, and Verena Hofmann with the Treaty 8 Tribal Council.

Court documents allege the protesters have built a camp, including a pair of cabins that were helicoptered in, are blocking site preparation work near the south bank of the Peace River.

The suit claims protesters are using the camp “as a base from which [they] have interfered with, and prevented BC Hydro employees from conducting work,” and have been both lighting campfires and standing in the paths of equipment and machinery.

BC Hydro claims the protesters are causing safety issues and are intentionally trying to cost BC Hydro and its partners by forcing them to miss a March 31st contract deadline to clear the land.

“As a result of such intentional interference, BC Hydro has suffered and will suffer, loss, damage, and expense.”

The suit also says the blockade may force the company to delay construction and modify plans for the nearly $9 billion power project.

BC Hydro is seeking to have the camp removed and the protesters blocked from the site.

None of the claims have been proven in court.

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War of words

BC Hydro spokesperson Dave Conway says the company would prefer for the protesters to move on their own.

“We’re hopeful that this can be resolved. Our top priority is to ensure the safety of both the Site C workers and the protesters, so we need to move forward with the clearing.”

And as for how much the demonstration is setting BC Hydro back?

“Those costs as far as I am aware haven’t been determined, we are looking into that, however I should be clear that this particular area where we need to get in to do some clearing, all other construction work on the site is continuing.”

But protester Ken Boon says the company is using heavy handed tactics on a “very peaceful, legal protest.”

He says the group offered to meet with Hydro as recently as Monday, and that “the reply to that evidently was to slap us with this civil claim.”

As to whether protesters will risk arrest, Boon says protesters are seeking legal help before they decide their next move, but will keep the camp standing for the time being.



One thought on “BC Hydro Seeks Injunction Against Site C Dam Protesters

  1. Again, how dare BC Hydro, otherwise known as ‘thieves and bullies’ demand that protesters leave the site? To the best of my knowledge, there are three current challenges in the courts regarding Site C – and none have been decided yet.
    That BC Hydro is arrogant enough to try to force this should be apparent to all! – My, they sure are acting mighty smug aren’t they? As though approval of all the needless flooding and destruction has already been approved – from where I sit it’s pretty obvious that BC Govt. and BC Hydro have been conspiring together hand in glove, against First Nations Treaty 8!
    Premier Clark and whomever heads BC Hydro – I suggest you don’t count your dams before you have received approval!! The Federal Government needs to step in here before the best growing land in BC is ruined because of the absolute sheer #GREED of the current BC govt. We’ve read the results of the studies showing that this dam is not necessary in any way, shape or form – and that the provincial govt. continues to lie to the people in order to line their own pockets, on the backs of the honest taxpayers of BC!!


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