Homeless Inuk Man’s Selfless Act Caught On Video In Montreal


Putulik Kufak says he helped the 14-year-old because he knows what it’s like to be homeless and cold. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

‘Often, those who live on the street are people with really big hearts.’

It was a selfless act: a homeless man spots an apparently homeless teenager asking for money and stops to give him the coat off his back.

Little did he know that he was being filmed the whole time.

Putulik Kufak, originally from Cape Dorset in Nunavut, has been living on the streets of Montreal for 17 years.

So when he saw a teenager out in the cold, asking for money, he thought nothing of helping him out.

“It’s very cold,” Kufak tells the teen, before taking off his jean jacket and handing it to the boy.

As it turns out, the teenager was not homeless and was taking part in a social experiment being filmed by his brother, Angel Azmeer.

“We wanted to see what people would do if a 14-year-old took to the street asking for money,” Azmeer said.

“Some gave a bit of money, but most people just ignored him. We were shocked that the one person to really help was homeless himself.”

Homeless Inuk man’s selfless act caught on camera in Montreal. ‘Posted by CBC News, Jan 13, 2016



3 thoughts on “Homeless Inuk Man’s Selfless Act Caught On Video In Montreal

  1. This Is So Touching God Bless The Homeless People Of Montreal & Out There In The World Wide Most Of The Homeless People Have Diffrent Culture Diffrent Languages 3 % Of Them Are Rude Out 10% & Some People Thinks There All Bad People There Not I Have Experienced Being A Homeless Mother For 3 To 4 Days Back In 10 Years Ago While I Was Kicked Out & I Lived In Montreal With My Ex For Good 3 Months & I Was 3 Momths Pregnant & I Was Accully Kicked Out Beacuse Of His Alcoholizem & I Couldn’t Stand Him Being An Alcoholic While I Was Pregnant With His Unborn Baby Who Is Now 10 & I Had No One To Turn Into & I Was A Shame To Tell My Stories About Me Being A Homeless For 3 Days & There Was This Young French Women Who Stand Up For Me & She Was Also Homeless She Accully Has Helped Me & When I Have Lost Her I Had No One & I Didn’t Really Know Big City Life My Self & So I Asked The Cops Help Me & They Have Send Me To Women Shilter While I Was There I Called Home & Called The Socail Worker To Help Me Pay My Way Back Home Far Up North So They Did Since I Had Children Back Home So I’m So Blessed To Be Back With My Lovley Children’s Of Five & I’m Healthy & I Thank God To This Day & I’m Glad I Meet Those Homeless People I Exparenced It & It Wasn’t Fun At All I Know How They Feel & How They Go Through There Strong People That I Can Say With A Big Heart Like Us There Not Scary There Not Animals There Human Beings & Unique People Just Like Us & Thanks For Sharing That Video It Really Touch My Heart & Ofcourse I Had Tears Just By Watching It Reprents Of My Flash Back But I’m Over It Back Home & Safe Peace & Love 😉


  2. i have so much respect for that man , a man who has nothing but heart and soul and maybe even save someone just a little kindness gose along way 😃


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