March Held In Val-d’Or For Aboriginal Women Alleging Quebec Police Sex Abuse

A woman holds up a sign in support of aboriginal women at a march on Saturday in Val-d'Or, Que. ( Sandra Ataman/Radio-Canada)

A woman holds up a sign in support of aboriginal women at a march on Saturday in Val-d’Or, Que. ( Sandra Ataman/Radio-Canada)

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Supporters send ‘message of love’ to those who allege police abused them

Several hundred people marched through the rainy streets of Val-d’Or, Que., last night to show their solidarity with the aboriginal women who have come forward with a series of grave accusations against Quebec provincial police.

“The message is a message of love,” said organizer Manon Richmond.

“We just want to say, ‘we know your pain, we know your suffering.'”

Earlier this week, Radio-Canada’s investigative program Enquête aired a story about aboriginal women in the northern community alleging they were abused and sexually assaulted by provincial police officers.

According to the women, police officers routinely picked up those who appeared to be intoxicated, drove them out of town and left them to walk home in the cold.

Manon Richmond

Manon Richmond, who organized Saturday night’s protest, said she wanted to convey a “message of love.” (Radio-Canada)

Some allege they were physically assaulted or made to perform sex acts.

Since the program aired on Thursday evening, several more aboriginal women have come forward with abuse complaints to local First Nations community centres.

The eight officers allegedly involved are under investigation and have either been put on leave or transferred to administrative duty.

Quebec Public Safety Minister Lise Thériault said Friday her office had been aware of the investigation since May, but told reporters she was “just as shocked as the rest of the population” when she learned of the details on Enquête.

The probe has been handed over to Montreal police from the Sûreté duQuébec, so that officers would not be investigating members of their own force.

Community shaken

Val-d’Or Mayor Pierre Corbeil said the allegations have shaken the community. He said it was important for residents to come together to denounce violence.

At the march, one supporter held a sign “demanding justice” for the women who went public.

Another sign read, “Grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, sister — stop the violence against women.”

One woman taking part said she wanted to show her support for “the brave women who told their story.”

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  1. As a Native American, whose birth certificate has me listed as white. I can attest to the same thing happening in the USA for years and decades, since the whiteman arrived on these shores. As far my self I have been pulled over for no reason other then the rookie officer said to me, “I just wanted to know what you are doing in this area of So. St. Louis. It is rare to see such a nice car like yours in this area”. I told him I was visiting an Aunt Mamie Bailey, that lived a couple of blocks of Broadway”. He proceeded to follow me, when I parked and got out of my car, he seen what I was carrying in my arms. My newborn 6 week old son, Anthony. That was when he left me alone. My mom died when I was 6 yrs old and my dad never told me my nationality and I was very interested in who my ancestors were early in life. I had a lot of problems with other kids at schools. Dad never stayed in one place very long. As an adult I went looking however I was in my 50’s when he finally told me and signed an affidavit to that effect of who and and what nationality I really was. He was the only half breed in the family as it turned out. I do understand why my family passed as white knowing about the reservations schools and where my family who went on to where the government sent them. I do not blame them and love them more in a way for protecting us the only way back in the 1800’s that they could. I was molested on several occasions growing up by a step brother and one man when I was in my late teens. I was followed by a arab in my 20’s I had met heading out his tax forms for H & R Block, the year before I went to school to learn from them to be a tax consultant. This same Arab harrassed me for a period of 8 years/ My husband could not stop or would not stop him, there were high speed chases through the city and at one point I had ran two red lights and two stop signs making an illegal turn in order to put distance between us. I had just left class that night at 10 P.M. When I was pulled over that first time by a officer. He ask me if I was aware of running a stop sign and I told him yes, plus another stop sign and two red lights. He looked shocked and ask why. So I told him, he told me the Police Station was right across from me at one point and I should have pulled in there. I ask him where the were I seen the resterant Slay’s but not the Police Station. He thought for a second and told me ,”Oh right I don’t know why that light has not been replaces”, it was burned out obviously for a long time. After being followed so many times even sitting in his car out side of my home. A yard sale the school and had put on at my home, he came into the yard. Once he followed me to the store when my 3rd youngest son was only big enough to sit in a cart. That really frighten me so when my husband got home from work and I told him we called the police. The two that showed up told me in my own living room to give the man what he wanted and he would leave me alone. I was shocked at these two officers and told them both to get out of my house while my husband stood there and said nothing. At that point I went to a gun shop in So. St. Louis near my Produce Market, and there was an Officer in there talking to the owner. He was a Sargent by his stripes on his uniform. When I ask to buy a gun the store owner ask me what kind and I told him I wasn’t sure. Then the officer ask me what I wanted it for. I told him I was going to kill a man if he did not leave me alone and all there things that had happened by then over a 4 yr period. He looked at me and told me he said, you do not want a 22 nor a 32 you need a 38, and told me if I was forced to use it to shot to kill and not have a witness the next year. Fortunately it never came to that, he did stop following but kept calling and ended up seeing him at my own pediatricians. How he found that out is beyond me I know he worked for an insurance company as an agent. Banker’s Life. It took me 8 years to get rid of him. That has been my nightmare most of my life and when I knew my nationality and understood why I looked different from other women. I became clearer to me after reading about the Native Amerincan Indians , :”Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee”. 1972 uprising at Wounded Knee I can not tell you why that interested me so much on the news at that time I did not know what I was. But I always gravatated to that race and even as a small child plaing cowboys and indians, I always wanted to be the indian. I was a tomboy lol when I was a kid. So that is what happened in my life after my mom died, 1951, Oct. 1. just 5 days after my six birthday.


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