Denver District Attorney Clears Police In Shooting Of Native American Man

Warning: Graphic video shows how the deadly encounter unfolded.

By AJ Vicens | Mother Jones

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has declined to press criminal charges against a Denver police officer who shot and killed a Native American man in July.

The man, Paul Castaway, holding a knife to his own throat and threatening to kill himself, was walking toward officers when Officer Michael Traudt fired three shots into Castaway’s midsection. Along with a nine-page report explaining his decision, Morrissey on Monday released surveillance footage of the shooting.

The shooting spurred protests in Denver this summer, as Castaways’ family disputed the initial police account that claimed Castaway, 35, came “dangerously close” to officers with a knife. At the time, they said officers didn’t have to shoot him, and he was clearly mentally ill and in need of help. Prior to releasing the video publicly, Morrissey had shown it to members of Castaway’s family, who said it showed him holding the knife to his throat—not pointing it in the direction of the police.

Lynn Eagle Feather, Castaway’s mother, blasted Morrissey’s decision. “I don’t think it’s right,” she told Mother Jones on Monday. “Because the Denver Police have been getting away with killing so many young people. Yeah my son had a knife to his throat, but he was more of a threat to himself than he was to the police.”

According to Morrissey’s report, officers were deployed to Eagle Feather’s apartment after she called and told the police that her son had arrived, “mentally ill and drunk.” She said she had been watching her grandchildren, and that her son had poked her in the neck with a knife, so she took the kids to a building across the street for safety. When the police arrived, they talked to Eagle Feather there and then went back to her apartment to see if her son was still around. As they escorted the mother back to her home, the officers spotted Castaway, who began running.

The officers chased him to a nearby trailer park, where they cornered him between a fence and a minivan. Castaway turned around, with the knife to his own throat, while walking in the direction of the officers. The surveillance footage shows the officers backing up as Castaway walks toward them with the knife still to his throat. According to Traudt, Castaway “started to move the knife from his throat toward me, and he didn’t stick it out, but he brought it down, and he was walking at me just aggressively and he wouldn’t stop, and I didn’t feel like I could back up anymore.”

Castaway had his back to the surveillance camera that captured footage of the shooting, so it’s impossible to tell whether the knife was actually coming away from his neck. The video also shows a lot of bystanders in the area, including several children.

“I called for help,” Eagle Feather said. “I didn’t call for a killing. And I can never get my son back.”

Eagle Feather told Mother Jones that the police need more training on how to deal with the mentally ill. She said she’s considering legal action against the Denver Police Department. The city of Denver has paid out more than $10 million in the last four years related to excessive police force, according to the Colorado Independent.

Morrissey said his decision was based on the law.

“In this case, Castaway’s decision to turn, confront the officers and deliberately advance toward Officer Traudt, knife in hand, rather than complying with his orders, compelled Officer Traudt to shoot,” Morissey said in the report. “The surveillance video clearly depicts Castaway moving quickly and purposefully toward Officer Traudt. Castaway’s actions and the statements he made suggest he had decided to die and further decided that Officer Traudt would be the instrument of his demise.”



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  1. Reblogged this on carmelo valone and commented:
    Yet another case of the police getting out of murder due to lack of ‘the proper camera angles,’ but what about the witnesses standing behind the police? Are they not credible?

    Again I notice that most all of this countries press are ignoring a Native American themed injustice and you ask why? Because this is the product of a post colonial society. The Us press and it’s people were taught if only by repetition to ignore the larger narratives surrounding Native People as it’s been going on for hundreds of years. The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, but what if you have been lied to about that insanity and told this is ‘the way it is’?

    Who will stand up now when all grow up to be taught that sitting down and ignoring a people is how North America works.


  2. Oh of course the DA absolved the cops of his murder. He could have been holding a damn banana to his throat that the cops thought was a weapon, shot him, then while holding him down in cuffs shot him again, and they’d still be let off the hook with paid administrative leave for several months while they stretched out the bullshit internal investigation.


  3. I think they could’ve tasered him; instead they used deadly force, which should be a last resort in any situation .. don’t KNOW all circumstances of this case ..BUT.. don’t think he harmed anyone other than himself. They have to PROVE that their/his life(officer) was in immanent danger; that there was no other course of ACTION.


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