Native American Family Shot, ‘Two Dead’ On The Crow Reservation

Family members embrace at the scene of a shooting on Pryor Creek Road southwest of Pryor on Wednesday.

Family members embrace at the scene of a shooting on Pryor Creek Road southwest of Pryor on Wednesday.

By Red Power Media, Staff

A Native American couple was shot to death and their daughter wounded Wednesday when they stopped to help a man who had run out of gas on the Montana, Crow Reservation.

The attack happened at around 10:30 a.m. A suspect, identified by a Wyoming Highway Patrol dispatcher as Jesus Deniz, — also known as Jesus Deniz Mendoza —  was arrested at around 12:30 p.m. about eight miles north of Meeteetse, Wyo.

Deniz was taken into custody without incident and is being held in the Park County Detention Center.

Jesus Deniz Mendoza

Bryce Hugs, who is serving as a family spokesman, said his aunt, Tana Shane, 50, and his uncle, Jason Shane, 52, were killed. Their daughter Jora Shane, 24, was shot, but escaped.

Hugs said his aunt drove by a stranded man on Pryor Creek Road just south of Pryor and went home and picked up her husband and daughter to offer help. The family traveled to the corner store in Pryor to get gasoline, but the store was closed. When they returned to the stranded man, the shooting took place.

“When they came back to help him, that’s when it all took place,” Hugs said. “(He) killed both of them and then shot the daughter,” Hugs said. “It grazed her in the head and when she took off (he) shot her in the back.”

Hugs said Jora Shane ran to a nearby school and met a car there. She was given a ride back to her home and returned to the scene of the shooting with some family members. She was taken to a Billings hospital.

The Shanes leave two sons and five daughters behind. The youngest graduated from high school this year, Hugs said.

Big Horn County Undersheriff Bart Elliott told the Helena Independent Record that Jora Shane is “incoherent” in a hospital.

Another relative, Ada Shane told The Associated Press on Thursday that her niece was shot in the back as she was running from the gunman.

Ada Shane says, the man pointed a gun at Jason Shane’s head, ordered them out of the car and told them to give him their money.

Ada Shane says Jason Shane told his daughter to run. She heard gunshots before she fell.

Mother was a member of the largest Crow Nation Clan 

According to, Tana Shane was a member of the Whistling Water, the Crow Nation’s largest clan. There are approximately 12,000 tribal members living on the Crow reservation.

Family members embrace at the scene of a shooting in Pryor, Mont. on the Crow Reservation on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. The FBI confirmed that two people were killed and a third injured by gunfire in Pryor, a town of just over 600 people in southern Montana. A suspect was arrested hours later in Wyoming, FBI spokesman Todd Palmer said. (Casey Page/The Billings Gazette via AP)

Family members embrace at the scene of a shooting in Pryor, Mont. on the Crow Reservation on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. (Casey Page/The Billings Gazette via AP)

If Deniz is charged with first-degree murder, it could become a death penalty case.

Deniz’s Facebook profile photo declares ‘Brown Pride’ and judging by the posts on his wall, Spanish is Deniz’s first language.

According to Deniz’s Facebook, he lives in Worland, Wyoming, a town with a population of a little over 5,000. It’s about 125 miles from Pryor, where the shooting took place.


32 thoughts on “Native American Family Shot, ‘Two Dead’ On The Crow Reservation

  1. John Nickl

    First I want to send my sympathy to the family and my prayers through this rough time…… Don’t get me wrong I feel horrible that his has happened to them but why does the media need to post this article as Native American Family shot …… From what I read this wasn’t a racially motivated shooting and the media keeps adding to making people look at each other over race and promote racism .. To me it’s about money and using race to make people read there article ….. to me the family through this horrible time in their life the people writing the article are being insulted by using race to tell this tragic event in their life …. All this does is promote separatism when you have describe someone by their race …. Once again my heart and prayers got out to the family and I am sorry if this offends someone but I think it’s a sin this was written this way and the media promotes and labels a family by their race ….. John


  2. Diane Nic

    so sad for the children who lost their good Samaritan parents, RIP you good-hearted people; hope the daughter recovers ok.


  3. Marion K. Busby

    So very sorry to hear about the Shanes. My heart goes out to their family and to those on the Crow reservation. I pray their daughter will be all right. Love & Hugs..


  4. me

    Money money money, f the money n tax payers. This monster needs to rot in his jail cell, n the people need to leave it up to our creator when he should die……


  5. Lamuel

    This guy should get the death penalty. He showed no mercy, and no remorse he just drove off like nothing happened. He doesn’t deserve to rot in prison…shit now days people who are locked up in prison have in way better than alot of people not in prison. They have Internet access, they have phones, they get three meals a day more then a homeless person, they also have connections on the inside especially when they are claiming brown pride which is a well known organized gang inside them prison walls all over the country they will take him under their wing and praise him for being a killer.


  6. Arizona Aboriginal Native

    My condolences and prayers for the family and Crow Nations.
    The other major detail in this story is that the murderer is a Illegal Alien.
    I live in AZ, my rez is on boundary with mexico, and this shite happens all the time down here.
    Blame the Obama administration for failing to uphold the constitution of the United States. This is a direct result of it’s policy.


  7. Allen

    There is little to say when some one dies, to be shot for doing a good deed is so wrong, wtf, I just hope it doesn’t stop me from helping someone else. So many people need help, so many…..


  8. Karen Ward

    such a sad and senseless loss..l am losing my faith in mankind more and more each day.. my heart and prayers go out to the family and community and a speedy recovery for the daughter.. God give you peace.


  9. Eugene St.Claire

    Death is too lax of a sentence for the coxker! The Natives are already restless in prison! Let them show him what you get for returning a good deed with such horrible “thanks”!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lou Jean Adams

      If there was ever a lunatic who DESERVES the death penalty, this one does.. A woman went home and got her husband and daughter, then went back to help him. and what does she get for being a good person and trying to help a stranded man?
      Both her and her husband shot and killed and her daughter shot in the back as she was running away, trying to get away from him!!
      Execute that sucker!!


      1. Lou Jean Adams

        As for the above post, I had a rather strong reaction when reading this, because.#1-no one should ever be hurt or suffer because they’re helping someone else, and #2–My mother was Native American and she was the same way. My cousin, when giving her eulogy, laughingly joked about how I had always said that she would give Jack the Ripper a bed for the night, so long as he left his knife outside and promised not to kill anyone while he was there, so this hits a little hard with me,I always worried about her, and that she would trust the wrong person one day. Thank the Good Lord that she never ended up in a situation where she was hurt!!
        I don’t even know this lady, but her actions have me thinking of my mom, yet she reminds me of my mom!
        My condolences to the family, and I’ll say a prayer for the daughters continued recovery.


  10. Kyle

    Again it’s in our blood to help people that need help but a lot of times the ones we help are the ones who do the most damage. Take the case in Montana where the hitchhiker was picked up by 2 native guys and then killed the native guys and got the death penalty and his family who is canadian are crying about it and begging for clemency. Did he show any when the 2 guys were begging for there lives ? And now this happens. What a coward and he think he hard shooting 2 elders. He needs to sit and rot in there for rest his life. The death penalty is the easy way out a life of solitude and imprisonment is harsher.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen Ward

      While I agree Kyle.. just think of the money you and other tax payers must shell out for every “lifer” prison.. while money can never restore the victims .l say give that money that would be saved through a swift death penalty to the family.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. p ren

        except there is never a swift death penalty, and every appeal costs the taxpayer more. the truth is our imprisooned “lifers” are cheaper than our imprisoned “deathers”. To be clear; money should hardly be the deciding factor or ‘first response’ here… no ‘Penalty’ regardless how many dollars are or are not spent can fix this. i am so heartbroken.


    2. flynn

      the piece of work and the Canadian will be dealt with by the creator both are the scum of the earth and I am Canadian


    3. poot

      I’ve never understood people begging for mercy for their kid who murdered someone… if my kid murdered someone in cold blood like this, I’d be begging to throw the switch.


      1. Diane Nic

        If those were your parents or daughter, I’m sure you would not feel that way. Though it is a true statement ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the stated facts about what happened do not seem ambiguous.


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