Federal court hands win to First Nations over Canadian gov’t re contentious omnibus bills

Image of a 2012 "Idle No More" protest, via YouTube.

Image of a 2012 “Idle No More” protest, via YouTube.

By Cecilia Jamasmie | MINING.com

Canada’s federal government should have consulted with First Nations before passing two omnibus budget bills that helped spark the widespread 2012 “Idle No More” protests, a judge has ruled.

The C-38 and C-45 bills, passed into law in June and December 2012, removed federal environmental oversight on most of the lakes, streams and rivers located in the Mikisew Cree First Nation’s traditional territory in northeastern Alberta.

The group’s victory, FortMcMurraytoday.com reports, will not affect the legislation already in effect, but it will require all governments to consult close-by First Nations in the future before the bills pass.

“No notice was given and no opportunity to make submissions was provided,” federal judge Roger Hughes wrote in his ruling. “The Crown ought to have given the Mikisew notice when each of the Bills were introduced into Parliament.”

The government has 30 days to appeal the decision.

7 thoughts on “Federal court hands win to First Nations over Canadian gov’t re contentious omnibus bills

  1. Fabian Quinney

    It’s sad to see a government so aggressive, so aggressive in their mandate to make a people pay for all they’ve sacrificed throughout the generations. Even today, as this government continues it’s aggressive nature towards other countries it does so too here in Canada towards the first peoples. In a world where love should be paramount; Canada too in essence should lead the way as we have in the past. More countries need to show by example the value of love, more countries need to unite in this right to peace and we as individuals need to fight for this right worldwide. No more tears, no more fears, love your peers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  2. cheena1

    Judge Hughes should have taken it a step further and nullified those 2 omnibus bills! They are terrible, and take so much away from First Nations!! THAT would have been grand to see! They always seem to just stop short of doing what’s right when it comes down to it.

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  3. Lisa Zafar

    I am glad you are standing up and fighting for your rights to protect your land from those who have everything but your best interests in mind just as it seems it has always been through the ages. Unity speaks volumes!

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