The Final Indian War In America Is About To Begin

Dale Looks Twice, left, and Acorn High Hawk lead the procession out of Manderson to the Wounded Knee massacre gravesite.

Dale Looks Twice, left, and Acorn High Hawk lead the procession out of Manderson to the Wounded Knee massacre gravesite.

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji) / HuffPost

South Dakota’s Republican leadership of John Thune and Kristi Noem always march lockstep with the other Republican robots. Neither of them care that South Dakota’s largest minority, the people of the Great Sioux Nation, diametrically oppose the Pipeline and they also fail to understand the determination of the Indian people to stop it.

The House vote was 252-161 favoring the bill. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) who is trying to take the senate seat from Democrat Mary Landrieu, They are headed for a senate runoff on December 6 and Landrieu has expressed a strong support of the bill in hopes of holding her senate seat.

Two hundred twenty-one Republicans supported the bill which made the Republican support unanimous while 31 Democrats joined the Republicans. One hundred sixty-one Democrats rejected the bill.

Progressive newsman and commentator for MSNBC, Ed Schultz, traveled to the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota this year to meet with the Indian opponents of the Pipeline. Firsthand he witnessed the absolute determination of the Indian nations to stop construction of the Pipeline.

He witnessed their determination and reported on it. Except for Schultz the national media shows no interest and apparently has no knowledge of how the Indian people feel about the Pipeline nor do they comprehend that they will go to their deaths stopping it. What is wrong with the national media when it comes to Indians?

As an example of the national media’s apathy, the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota have turned their backs on the $1.5 billion dollars offered to them for settling the Black Hills Claim and although they are among the poorest of all Americans, the national media does not consider this news.

Why do they protest the XL Pipeline? Because the lands the Pipeline will cross are Sacred Treaty Lands and to violate these lands by digging ditches for the pipelines is blasphemes to the beliefs of the Native Americans. Violating the human and religious rights of a people in order to create jobs and low cost fuel is the worst form of capitalism. Will the Pipeline bring down the cost of fuel and create thousands of jobs?

President Barack Obama has blocked the construction of the Pipeline for six years and he said, “I have constantly pushed back against the idea the somehow the Keystone Pipeline is either this massive jobs bill for the United States or is somehow lowering gas prices. Understand what this project is. It is providing the ability of Canada to pump their oil, send it through our land, down to the Gulf, where it will be sold everywhere else. That doesn’t have an impact on U.S. gas prices.”

In the meantime Senator Landrieu conceded that it is unlikely that the Senate and the House will have the two-thirds majority needed to override an Obama veto.

Wizipan Little Elk of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and a coalition of tribal leaders from across the Northern Plains and the United States have pulled no punches on how they intend to fight the Pipeline to the death if that is the only way to stop it.

South Dakota’s elected leadership has totally ignored the protests of the largest minority residing in their state. They have also totally underestimated and misunderstood the inherent determination of the Indian people. This is a huge mistake that will have national implications and it is taking place right under their Republican noses.

What is even worse South Dakota’s media has also buried its collective heads in the sand even though Native Sun News has been reporting on the Keystone XL Pipeline since 2006. Award-winning Health and Environment Editor for Native Sun News, Talli Nauman, has been at the journalistic forefront of this environmental disaster about to happen from day one and she has been rewarded by the South Dakota Newspaper Association with many awards for her yearly series of articles on this most important topic. Until this issue became a political football, the rest of South Dakota’s media had been silent.

The Keystone XL Pipeline that is being pushed by TransCanada may well be the beginning of the final war between the United States government and the Indian Nations. A word of caution to TransCanada and the U.S. Government: please do not disregard the determination of the Indian people when they say they will fight this Pipeline to their deaths if need be. They mean it!

When asked if he truly thought that a handful of Indians could stop the construction of the Pipeline, Little Elk simply said, “Try us!”

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe stands its ground against the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline ‪#‎NoKXL‬ ‪#‎StandTheLine‬

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe stands its ground against the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline ‪#‎NoKXL‬ ‪#‎StandTheLine‬

(Note: This column will appear before the Senate votes on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The House has already approved the construction of the Pipeline)

Tim Giago, an Oglala Lakota, is the editor and publisher of Native Sun News.


164 thoughts on “The Final Indian War In America Is About To Begin

  1. Terry (shadow Hunter)Riggs

    These lands are sacred. If the pipeline must be built, go around. Find an alternative route. We as American Indians have little left of our culture, heritage and belief system. There are not many left that speak the language of our fathers and grandfathers.
    This land belongs to the tribe, not the US. Therefore, criminal trespassing on indian reservation lands should be met by tribal authorities and the people of those lands. Reservation property is and should be considered property of the people of the tribe. I am not a member of the tribe, but I understand the ramifications of loosing our lands to the government that has repeatedly betrayed us.
    If waging an armed protest against the US is the only way to deter them from again disrespecting our beliefs, our will , our heritage, then I am with you.


  2. Sierra Modoc

    I am Indian and my grandmother was the first off the reservation from our family. I still have family living on several reservations. I am sure I will be bashed for what I say. I try to live in the real world and leave the dreams for my private time.

    If you want to fight for something, how about fighting for better education of our youth? Maybe fighting the drug and drinking culture that our people have so much trouble with. How about stopping spousal and family abuse? All the talk about “sacred grounds” – make them sacred by respecting each other first. It is hard to take seriously the cry of “war” by people that don’t even support themselves.

    Im sorry for being harsh, but if we want to be respected, we need to do things that earn respect. If you don’t want the pipeline, fine. Turning down the money offered is a good start. If you want to be considered as a Nation – turn down all the other money that comes to the Tribes from the government. Pay for your health care, schooling, food, obama phone, and your housing. You have to act like an independent Nation to be considered one.

    Before you start bashing me, look into the mirror and decide if what you see will be respected by those that can make a difference. I didn’t grow up on the reservation so I know my experiences gives me a different perspective. The thing is – your future is being decided by people that don’t have even the ancestry I have. They are the ones that need to be influenced.

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  3. Cathie Bird

    Reblogged this on In Frog Pond Holler and commented:
    As a descendant of European colonials, I feel obligated to stand in solidarity with Native Americans and First Nations peoples on this. The US and Canadian governments and all citizens need to work together to heal the impacts of broken treaties and make sure this genocidal behavior stops now.


  4. todd

    This is a war against humanity in total, a war against the earth itself. This pipeline is in support of the most vile and evil men on our planet. I pray for divine intervention, and soon!

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  5. Nick Schartz

    I was born covered in blood and screaming, not a bad way to go, and I can’t imagine any way of getting rid of the 16 to 20 senant votes they needed to pass this. just a thought.


  6. Wuji Wayfarer

    The gross ignorance of imperialist occupation all around the world is even breaking through into non-native consciousness. As this declaration of resistance becomes more widely known it will spark a new relationship between all people that are resisting the planetary death machine of predator capitalism. Thank you to the native nations people for modeling the bravery we so desperately need now to resist what we all feel in our hearts to be wrong. I stand with all my relations in defense of our Mother Earth! Thank you!


  7. Darcy

    Respect to the keepers of this land. We are with you in spirit if not in body. Let them know it is not theirs to be abused. Kia kaha.
    A kiwi in Ireland.


  8. Mary Lou Barnwell

    It is the same old disregard, for the Indian reservations, that they have always had. Were the Indian Nations asked about this?, no they were not. It is a danger to our Aquifer, if that is contaminated with oil, that will be very bad for America as a whole. 50 permanent jobs will be created, it is not worth it. Obama has leased or allowed the Chinese to drill for oil in the southern Texas oil land. I think only Americans should drill for oil on our land.

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  9. iktomi

    you absolutely be leave you will only fight a hand full of people, well tell that to Alcatraz, tell that to Custard who died for his sins ,tell that to Geronimo, tell that to aim, tell that to wounded knee, say that to any Native Americana. WE WILL ALL ANSWER THE SAME WORDS. WE DID IT WITH LESSER MEN BEFORE, WILL DO IT AGAIN. BUT RED POWER OF CALIFORNIA IS ON STAND BY AND URGE EVERY LAST NATIVE AND NON-NATIVE TO GO TO THE REZ AND HELP THEM. IF THESE ATROCITIES AND VIOLATIONS OF OUR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS AS NATIVE AMERICANS AND OUR INDEPENDENT SOVEREIGN NATIONS, THEN WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO GIVE BACK WHAT HAS BEEN GIVEN TO US WITH THE DISRESPECT TO OUR PEOPLE, TO MOTHER EARTH. AS WE HAVE ONLY BEEN SHOWN SUCH ILL BEHAVIOR THAT NOW ITS OUR TURN TO MAKE SURE EVERY LAST ONE OF YOUR PEOPLE WILL BE DUG UP AND THROWN IN THE STREETS OR COURTS OR TO THERE LOVED ONES OR TO THE DUMPS JUST LIKE THEY ARE DOING TO US SO ONE TURN DESERVES ANOTHER. LIKE HOW ABOUT WE OCCUPY THE WHITE HOUSE GO TO Arlington cemetery dig up all your vets desecrate the tomb of the unknown solder and take all their medals. yeah fucked up right ,well that is exactly what the fuck your doing and yes this will not be a Indian like last time we are many you are few ,we are the seventh generation warriors trained by you special forces by your army’s so you hand full is full of rocks mine sand

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  10. Mike P

    What are the broader implications of this? War? People dying? Why? Because you don’t want someone to dig up “sacred ground”? Have you said that out loud to yourself to realize how stupid that is?

    Instead of getting people killed, the Rosebud government should focus on the issues that are more threatening to his people than somebody digging up their backyard. Absolutely ridiculous, getting people killed over a plot of land.


    1. Richard Sprague

      So destroying history,land and the environment is ok as long as nobody dies?Pretty narrow way to think and all we will end up with is a desolate wasteland of a world because it was easier to let them win…The rich privileged people have destroyed enough culture,environment and history in the name of money and comfort for a few…..Why should the natives have to abandon their beliefs and history instead of the oil companies packing up and going home?Doesn’t make much sense right?So if it comes to blood it won’t be the fault of the natives if you ask me.If so then I guess spilling blood in the name of money and power is an acceptable option.Sometimes the need to stand and fight arises and that time is now…enough comfort and cowardness


    2. Ken Strang

      I trust you are not American as that is all the USA has done since the first white people landed on its shores and still doing it to this very day. If you are American then let’s start by putting the pipeline through your place of religious worship, then through your family’s graves then your children’s places of education and then let’s just bash your home down and route the pipeline through there as well. Makes sense to you now?


    1. Richard Sprague

      I’m sure the Natives know but my guess is they would rather die on their feet fighting for whats right rather than lie down for greed and money………besides what makes you so sure of this outcome?The heart of a warrior cannot be underestimated….the only reason things are the way they are for them is because they were lied to and tricked into believing they weren’t being screwed which in fact they were.


    2. Ken Strang

      I suppose you said the same about Afghanistan and Iraq, its also what they said about Vietnam. You have no idea about the determination of the First Peoples worldwide to reclaim what imperialist parasites like you took from them. If you are white and proud of it then you are a pathetic excuse for a human being. May you and your gene-pool drink fracked-up water and breathe noxious gasses till humanity is rid of you and your kind. Oh, by the way, I’m a white South African and not proud of my heritage.





  12. Nolan

    If they use force to lock you up or even take your lives, your courage and integrity will echo in history. In these preapocalyptic times of modernity, standing up against corporatism for the sake of the land is the logical thing to do. This is truly an act of fearlessness!


  13. WaterWarCrimes

    US President’s opposition to the Keystone Pipeline must be viewed in the context of a larger negotiation with Canada over access to Canada’s water supplies. No water = no to your dirty oil. Canadian First Nations are well aware of this negotiation and are artfully moving up their land claims to capture a % of the money that will flow from the sale of that water. American First Nations would be well advised to re-position their strategy also.
    The water export/import regime will be managed by the US Army Corps of engineers that currently manage the Columbia River Treaty water flows.
    We explain much of this controversy at the Water War Crimes web site that is dedicated to exposing Canada’s corruption surrounding water export issues.
    Water is conscious and transparent.


  14. Cecily Friday

    We stand in solidarity with you! Please let us know how we can help support you during this time. The Occupy Wall St. FB page along with other Occupy sites can relay to many people a way to help.


  15. william benson

    We are of one people no matter what back round! Stand to gather and stand fast the creator will see and will act accordingly! Prayers to those on the front lines of this!!


  16. afnetnews

    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INCORPORATED aka USA Inc., is a private foreign owned off-shore corporation owned and controlled from the Financial District of London City, England by Crown Corporation, and Vatican Inc.

    Everything we have ever been taught about the founding of this nation is a complete fabrication and lie.

    These are the criminals and invaders who claimed the “New World”, for themselves as the global ruling elite parasites, under the Virginia Trust Holding Company in 1606, financed and founded by King James I, for the British Crown, and the un-Holy Roman Empire as per the Treaty of 1213-15, between the British Crown and Rome.

    The Virginia Trust Holding Company never went to war with the British Crown for independence, from the Crown as well as Vatican Inc., and still to this day regard “America” as a subjugated colony and sub-corporation to Vatican Inc., that is managed by the de facto fraudulent Federal Reserve Inc, for the Rothschild banking/military international criminal cartel who is also the Treasurer for the Vatican Bank in Rome.

    What you may ask does this have to do with an oil pipeline? I assure you it has everything to do with it. The big oil companies are ultimately owned and controlled by these very global ruling elite parasites that feed-off humanity and destroy all life on this planet in their insidious lust for more wealth and power while we little people get crushed and bled dry by their endless desire for war and despotic control.

    If these monsters are allowed to continue their evil, there will be nothing left of our planet. Their desire is to subjugate every living thing and enslave all of humanity as chattel, or economic bondservants to their world-corporation based on techno-feudalism or totalitarian collectivism.

    There are many of us whites who stand with our native brothers and sisters, and love you all dearly and pray to the spirit that moves through all things that we will over-come these demonic ruling elite parasites and regain our world and restore balance to the earth and humanity.

    However, I fear that before this can occur a conflagration like the world has never seen will and must happen to cleanse the world of this evil power.

    Many of us whites are finally awakening to the lies, fraud, and endless media propaganda that we have all been mind-controlled by in this sick, twisted, corrupt and evil society based on greed, fear, and control.

    Please know that you are not alone in this battle, and that you are loved and respected as a great and proud people.


    1. Anishnabe'Kwe'HuronPotowattomi

      Does this have to do with Agenda 21? I believe that’s why they want this pipeline put in place. It’s benefitting the the “Rothkillers” and their selfish, elite, wealthy, psycho, buddies.

      Just think to a billionaire who has control issues and wants nothing but the human race to die off, just so a select few can inhabit the world and enjoy what the world has to offer without disease, hunger, over population, pollution, war, my list can go on.. As of right now there are too many people inhabiting the planet and at the rate we are going our resources will be wiped out in a matter of x amount of years, and so the “Rothkillers” and their other elite members need to take action and believe me they are and have been for years now.

      The pipeline is what they need to get the oil from Canada to here with no problems, so they have easy access to it (obviously they have some arrangement with Canada). It’s all just a big cover up from us to keep them out of the light. After that pipeline is built .. Their plans will be complete. Next step then would be population control … They are just playing their game of chess .. We need to make sure they don’t get that pipeline built. It’s a black snake alright .. And it’s here to deceive everyone!!


  17. standYourGround

    Don’t let them win! Stand your ground! Be sure to use social media to your advantage! Share your stories and images with the world and make sure to TAG THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IN YOUR POSTS! Force them to talk about this by tagging them every chance you get! Don’t let them take away your voice!


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  19. Middle finger to the the U.S GOVERNMENT

    OOOoooo…I have a feeling this is gonna be good! Stand idle no more!
    The Native has been raped repeatedly and butt f!@#ed with no grease/oil for way too long by our own government.
    Now the government zips up its pants and says to Canada…Your turn!
    Canada says…We gonna start with oil…so our big black snake don’t hurt so bad!
    Wait a minute! The Native is not lying there anymore and is what???… Getting up off the ground! Hoka Hey!!!!


  20. Shirree Onekawa

    I can’t believe this…oh actually I can. Its just another case of money over people. I am a New Zealand Maori and I fully understand what you are fighting for. Your people have already lost so much…stand fast and dont let them railroad you…wishing you all the best.

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  21. Wm. Axsom, aka BluOwle

    The Lakota will not be standing alone in this. There are many, MANY people, of many other Nations, as well as non-Native & mixed-bloods alike, who WILL stand, fight, and die to prevent this Black Snake, not just on Rosebud, but on ANY lands in the U.S. There is No “safe” route, it is simply an abomination that will not be allowed or tolerated!


  22. Rob Bennett

    There are many who will fight with you. Miniature UAVs should be used to record any atrocities or incidents. Stand your ground and wear your regalia! Protect the fresh air and clean water and you will be vindicated forever. I will stand with you and die like a man if need be. I will start a promotional campaign online and donate equipment and materials. I hope we can reach out to the international community for assistance. Germany, France, Poland comes to mind. You are not alone. Please, contact me!


  23. Ryan Parker

    This is complete madness if it wasn’t for us natives the white people would not have what they have today. Everyone deserves to have their rights protected, and this so called government will be the reason for the fall of their own nation primarily because of greed,self worth,and thinking they know what is best for the people when in reality they care about no one except themselves. Come at us our nation will always stand no matter what other maddness you throw at us because we stand together and will NOT go unheard.

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  24. Annie

    I am a Haudenosaunee(Iroquois) woman from Ontario, Canada. As women, we are keepers of and responsible for the lands. We too are planning to join with you to defend the lands….tell us when and where and we will join with you.


  25. jason roe

    I will leave my job my partner and come.join my people and fight. We will be heard and this is our time. Don’t underestimate us as a people..much like everyday life. I have been taught to sit back and hear every side of things and allow others to make mistakes or make mistakes until enough is enough and when the time is right I speak up and I am heard. I don’t speak just to speak.. our time to speak up and take action is now. We will prevail..

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  26. Don Whitmore

    We will not stand idly by. We will not Imperialism win. We are the last protectors of this land. I look forward to all Natives standing with you!

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    1. W.Glen Bateman Jr. (adopted)

      No DNA tests but heard I am part Mikosukee or Choctaw, fairly educated in Nat.Sciences ….N.Florida adoption….I am with Lakota /Sioux. They came thousands of yr.s before the Europeans, lived all along sustainably with VERY LITTLE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT and aspired to (did)
      keep the lands in the
      condition found. Then the
      Pigs came with intent to
      impress/ supply a foreign
      people who’d overpopulated and raped
      their old land. I hate to say so but I pray for a
      disease to remove black,
      white and yellow from
      the planet entirely, they
      just have an insatiable
      greed; there is an interspecies competition like no other on the planet-and not for food, shelter or mating- just bragging rights. VERY superficial. So hope oil runs OUT, and that a Homo sapiens will be equally important to the
      planet again(not high-impact)….like the earthworm(Lumbricus).


      1. Shinobi Spencer

        Not every person who isn’t a native is bad. It is the one’s in power who are responsible for the destruction of the Earth and the desecration of the natives that inhabited the lands before they came. I’m one of those people you want wiped off the planet but I don’t live a life of greed. I reuse everything I can, recycle everything I can, pick up litter wherever I go, I don’t go out and buy a bunch of needless things and respect the earth and nature. With that said yes, there are a lot of greedy, wasteful people who pop out a bunch of kids who continue the viscous cycle we call modern civilization but lumping everyone into that category based on race is wrong. No one is perfect but there are people out there trying to resist the system.


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